Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways

12 Aug

Last night, The Rev and I were watching the documentary Bill Cunningham New York.  While I admire the fact that for Bill it is all about the clothes and not the person (or celebrity as it may be), the thing that I was most amazed at, is that Bill still shoots on film.

Photos are taken on the go, while riding his bike around town, or by simply holding out/up the camera and snapping. There is no checking of light levels, pondering shutter speeds or taking an excessive number of shots in the hope that one turns out well.

The photos Bill takes are a true document of what he sees. He is clearly a master of determining the best orientation for the shot; the subject of this weeks photo challenge. I can only hope that one day I am as confident with a camera as Bill is, and that I’m still taking photos at his age.

In the meantime, I present my entry for this weeks challenge. Two photos of the Lusitania Memorial in Cobh, Ireland. And yes, those streaks you can see are rain. To say it was a miserable day,  may be a slight understatement.


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