Night in White (satin)

6 Feb

It’s time to get excited Melbourne. The one night of the year that you can find people older than 30 in the CBD after the last tram has gone is almost upon us.

Mark the date in your diary and cancel any previous engagements you have for the whole weekend, because White Night is almost upon us.

From 7pm on Saturday 22 February through to 7am on Sunday 23rd, the wider CBD will be completely closed to traffic and be instead overrun with families, performance artists, hipsters, and enthusiasts of synchronised swimming.

Coming back to Melbourne for its second incarnation, White Night (aka la Noche en Blanco aka Nuit Blanche) this year will spread from Victoria Street, Carlton to the NGV on St Kilda Road. And from Elizabeth Street up to Russell Street.

White Night 2013, Princes Bridge White Night 2013, Princes BridgeIf I learned anything from last year,  it would be to chuck out any plans you make to catch up with people or see more than one particular event.

Pick the one thing that you are really really keen to see. And make sure you go and see it. Meeting a bunch of mates under the clocks is a little bit hard when 299,999 other people also have the same idea.

Last year I diligently went through the program, wrote down the times of bands, prioritised my favourites and told everyone that i would see them there.

And then I got there. Late. Getting from the Forum Theatre down to Flinders Street station  took more than half an hour. That said, I actually did run into friends, see my priority event (The Rebelles) and as a bit of a bonus, the projections along Flinders Street (though not on my planned list of things to see) were magical.

The Rebelles at Flinders Street Station as part of White Night Melbourne 2013.

The Rebelles at Flinders Street Station as part of White Night Melbourne 2013.

So this year, I’m going to review the full program – available now at –  write down everything I want to see, and then leave the piece of paper at home.  And hopefully make it past 1am before complaining of being tired and having sore feet.

I may even wear satin.


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