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Do not go quietly, unto your grave

29 May

Many moons ago, I became aware of ‘over 28’s’ nights.

I was a first year uni student, having my eyes opened to so many new ideas and experiences that I couldn’t imagine what my life would be like in three years time, let alone ten. Twenty eight seemed so old at the time.

And here I am now: over 30 and childless.

Which turns out to be the best possible life scenario in Australia at the moment. Bonus points for having a job, no mental or physical illness, and a higher education. Minus points for being a woman, a public servant and the desire to go back to study, have a child, or god forbid – both.

Under the budget as proposed by the Abbot government, life is expected to get harder for a hell of a lot of people. Mostly, those who are already struggling or at a disadvantage for whatever reason. And now, in the latest announcement from the government, you may be able to continue to suffer in death!

so now that I’m too old for the over 28’s crowd, I better start thinking ahead for my next social phase.

hopefully I’m not still working at 70, I can still afford to eat, and music venues still exist. Most of all, I hope that (in the words of the late Mark Sandman) I do not go quietly unto my grave.