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Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

29 Mar

Somewhere between Nicholson Street in Fitzroy, and Lygon Street in Carlton there is a street that is just a little bit different.

On this wide and leafy street, there is a series of houses that are making a quiet statement. If you drove down the street, or even cycled, you would probably miss it.

But one day when I was ambling my way home, and thankfully had my camera with me, these houses caught my eye.

It’s one of the things I love about Melbourne, there is a surprise around every corner.


There is a light that never goes out

28 Feb

Take me out tonight

Where there’s music and there’s people

And they’re young and alive

The Smiths: There is a light that never goes out

Last Saturday night, Melbourne experienced it’s second installment of White Night. Just like the first time, the city was lit up like a proverbial Christmas tree and people packed into the CBD in the hundreds of thousands, to be a part of it.

What earth hour does for reducing greenhouse gas emissions, White Night took us a major step backwards. 12 hours of projections on buildings and bridges. Floodlights reaching for the sky. Not to mention every office building and shop that had lights a blazing.

But my gosh, those projections were amazing. Flinders Street Station as a jumping castle. The Forum as a circus big top. Faces in the trees. Viruses taking over the State Library.

I hope you enjoy these snapshots…

Here’s looking forward to the 2015 version.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie

10 Feb

In general, there is only one real reason that I would take a ‘selfie’ and that is, to prove to my friends and family that I did actually go on holiday somewhere.

It’s usually one selfie per thousand landscape/architecture/graffiti shots. Without these rare pictures I’m accused of scanning postcards and downloading from travel websites. So it was slim pickings from which to choose for this weeks challenge.

This particular image was taken at Glen Canyon Dam in Arizona. The reflected image is just a smidgeon of Lake Powell. A drop in the ocean so to speak.

Reflections of Lake Powell, Arizona

Weekly Photo Challenge: Object

1 Feb

Hello 2014!

After an extended break, I’m back in wordpress land – and  am looking forward to being a bit more active in the digital space this year.

So what better way to start than with a fresh, weekly photo challenge? I love these challenges for the inspiration and also (goes without saying) the challenge.

This week, one object.

On the woodland floor

I stumbled across this mushroom on a walk through the woodlands on the Isle of Arran (UK) and thought it was just perfect.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie

3 Nov

When I think of eerie places, the subject of this week’s photo challenge, I think immediately of Bokor Hill Station in Cambodia.

The station was developed by the French in the 1920’s as a luxury retreat, but  abandoned a mere twenty or so years later.

After being left  to the mercy of the elements for so long, the remains of the ‘resort’ were few and in serious disrepair when I made the long and slow journey up to the station. Adding to the eeriness was the thick fog that made  seeing more than a couple of metres in front of you quite difficult.

One of only a few buildings left recognisable, was the church that appears out of the fog below …

Bokor Hill Station, Cambodia

By all accounts, Bokor Hill Station is no longer the eerie ghost town it has been for most of its developed existence. The old casino has been cleaned up of all its lichen and moss. The vegetation covering broken tiles removed.

The station is once again being advertised as a luxury casino and hotel.  The road has been sealed and tolls placed on it. Visitors come in tourbuses. Make of that, what you will.

Coney Island Baby

29 Oct

Remember that the city is a funny place

Something like a circus or a sewer

And just remember different people have peculiar tastes

Lou Reed, Coney Island Baby

Coney Island has always been high on my places to go list; the derelict buildings, the amusements and a mermaid parade. And it didn’t disappoint. I even managed to catch a wedding!

In honour of Lou Reed, I’m jumping the order of my great States adventure to bring you some shots from the Boardwalk.

Just think of it like a movie that starts at the end, and then goes backwards in time. After this, I’ll be back in the desert with photos of Bryce Canyon, Kodachrome State Park and other natural wonders.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Horizon

27 Oct

Heading to the horizon

I love how in this photo – taken in Sihanoukville, Cambodia – the horizon is almost indistinguishable. The sky and the water blend perfectly into one.